Why can’t it be built at the Middle School Site?

  • The Middle school site was the preferred site but after numerous meetings with Settle College & the Governors, County and District Cllrs and this was refused by NYCC back in 2016.
  • County Cllr Richard Welch has confirmed this on Social media.
  • The Safer Craven Officer reported on the Middle School Site that it offered very little natural surveillance and would cause more problems that it would solve.
  • Sport England funding which is half of the amount raised has strict criteria that the site has to be owned or leased. Both Sport England and other funds have to be spent by 31st October 2019.

What about other sites?

Several other sites that were considered have all been exhausted for valid reasons e.g. access or ownership issues, refusal to allocate or flood risk.  Sites considered: –

  • Land at the back of Victoria Hall – CDC would not allocate.
  • Ashfield Car Park behind the Quaker meeting House CDC would not allocate.
  • Riverside field – Flood Risk Pylons, isolated site and access for machinery and flood risk.
  • Giggleswick Playing Fields allocation refused by Giggleswick Parish Council.
  • Settle Football Club had planning on the site.
  • Settle Cricket Club had plans to develop.
  • Under the Railway Viaduct – Refused by Network Rail

Why weren’t the parents consulted?

Settle Primary School and Settle College have been consulted during the whole process. Following a meeting with Settle Primary Headteacher, letters were sent out consulting parents asking for feedback when the Bond Lane Play Area was first considered back in early 2017.No response was received and the Council never received any representation or feedback from the school or parents.

Craven Herald article October 2017

What’s happening with the memorial?

This is being addressed with the family direct.

What’s happening to the Toddler Equipment?

The Toddler area and equipment will be relocated within the play area away from the Skate Park. The swings, springer and unit will be replaced with new and if there are enough funds will be improved/added to.

Will there be enough room?

There is ample room within the site to accommodate the relocation of the toddler equipment and still have open grassed areas.

What about the safety of the site?

The site has natural surveillance with passers-by and younger children will be supervised by parents.

Will we get a say in the design?

Yes, the skate park contractor ‘Bendcrete’ want to get as much input as possible from the young people who will be using it. Settle College will be contacted to arrange some sort of session to facilitate this.

Will parents be consulted about the toddler equipment relocation and type?

Yes, the Clerk of the Council has emailed the head of Settle primary school to request this happens with the help of the school.

Where exactly is the skate park going to be situated is it going to cover all of the red area?

No, the image shown on the website is the plan showing the area for the planning application for the lighting and the skate park will sit within that area and it is possible it can move slightly one way or the other within that red outline.

Will the access to the relocated Toddler area be across the skate park?

No, consideration is being given to the safety of the younger users and parents and the access can be moved to address concerns that have been raised. This has yet to be finalised but will be in consultation with the school and parents. The plan shows one option.The path could be lower down nearer to the school and the Toddler area can have it’s own fencing/screening to stop children running out onto the skate area. The steering group are working on various options.

images - Layout-with-revised-path-option.jpg