Meetings of the Council

All meetings of Settle Town Council are open to members of the public. This section gives you access to the agendas and minutes of meetings in the current fiscal year which runs from April to March each year.

Information is also provided in this section on attending a meeting, including your right to record, film or report on the meeting as it is taking place.

The agendas and minutes are listed in the appropriate section for each of the Council’s committees. Further details about the work done by each Committee can be found in the Your Council section of this website.

Please note that dates and times can change and, occasionally, a meeting may be cancelled or rescheduled. Details will appear in the appropriate section when this happens:

Agendas are usually available three working days ahead of each meeting

Minutes of meetings are produced in draft format as soon as possible following the meeting.

Please note that minutes are not regarded as a true and correct record until they have been accepted and approved at the following meeting of each Committee and subsequently by Full Council.

The draft minutes available on the website will not include any items which were dealt with in private session, with press and members of the public excluded.

The agenda and minutes for full council meetings are shown on separate pages for each fiscal year from April to March.  The meetings are listed in chronological order, with the most recent meeting being first.

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